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Re: Installing FC6 on VPC 2007

Eric Mader wrote:

I just installed FC6 on MS VPC 2007. It seems that the graphical installer now runs at full screen resolution, which means that it sets the screen depth to 24 bits. Unfortunately, the virtual graphics card in VPC 2007 only runs at 8, 16 and 32 bits. This means that the screen for the graphical installer is unreadable... :-(

I did some Google searches and found that I can boot the installer with "linux resolution=1024x768", for example, but this doesn't change the depth. I couldn't find any boot command that sets the screen depth. Is there a way to change the depth that the graphical installer uses?

I did a text install. That leaves me with a system that doesn't start X on boot. I also never got the option during install to create a regular user. Is this a result of doing a text install instead a graphical install?

Eric Mader

It is normal behavior for the text install to set the default run level to 3.

Edit /etc/inittab and change the default run level to 5 after doing a text install if you want X to run thereafter.

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