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Re: FC5 -> FC6 my experience

On Wed, 25 Oct 2006 14:42:44 -0400, Michael Wiktowy wrote:

> On 10/25/06, Roo <oscosc gmail com> wrote:
>> <snip rant>
> Do you honestly think that such vitriolic trolling will get you much
> sympathy?

I don't care. I don't expect any of this stuff to get fixed. It never does.

> Did you submit informative bug reports in bugzilla for all your
> problems?

The i586 bug is already known about.

> The devs are not psychic and are not likely to read insulting rants. Did
> you do some googling to find potential solutions? There might be people
> in your similar situation and who are smart enough to find solutions ...
> maybe on the nvidia forums.
> If having to wait for 2.5 hrs for an installation and having problems
> with your binary 3D drivers are the biggest of your problems, then you
> are very lucky. If those things are enough to get your blood boiling and
> start treating fedora-list as your private soap-box then you need to
> take a stress test and keep an eye on your cardiac health as you'll
> probably be dead before you hit puberty.

The problem is not with "binary drivers". The problem is with the faulty
Fedora install... one of many I've had. The post was an immediate report
on the installation/upgrade of an FC5 system to FC6. Summary: about the
only thing I can say for FC6, is that it's not as crap as FC5. For those
not in the know, FC5:

Broke my sound card. It was never fixed... had to get a new one.

Broke my graphics card. The GTK developers made sure that anything after
GTK 2.6 is so slow as to be laughable. I needed a new graphics card just
to make my machine remotely usable. Never fixed -- unlikely to be fixed
since GTK gets slower with every release. BTW: The old graphics card
worked just fine under Win XP and Qt.

Broke my USB broadband modem (this was eventually fixed).

All of these were dutifully recorded in bugzilla, and with the exception
of the broadband modem all were left to rot. Not forgetting the legion of
SELinux problems that I encountered, recorded in detail, only to have them
ignored and remain unfixed for two major release at least (privoxy...
yes... I'm looking in your direction).

Oh, and BTW: if you are going to accuse people of writing snotty posts...
you should probably avoid doing it yourself, and looking like a silly

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