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Re: Missing menu items with FC6 upgrade from FC4

At 10:49 AM -0600 10/25/06, Kim Lux wrote:
>I upgraded to FC6 from FC4 using CD ISOs.  Everything looks good now
>that I have my nvidia driver working. Except...
>My Fedora menu (on the desktop) doesn't have the "System" sub menu on
>it. It has "System Tools", but no "System".  I've had this problem
>before when updating KDE versions via redhat RPMs.
>Is there an easy way to fix this ?
>In the mean time I am in need of the command line call for  "System ->
>System Settings -> Network".  Not system-config-network, but I think its
>a new application.  It might be called network manager.

There is such a thing as NetworkManager, but it seems to be a daemon.

system-config-network is the command at System -> Administration -> Network
on my FC5 system.

You can see all the system-config* thingies by using TAB-completion in the
shell (type sytem-config<TAB><TAB>).
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