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Re: Question regarding the torrent for FC6

At 2:46 PM -0400 10/25/06, tom wrote:
>I've been wget/ftp/http'ing my cds of fedora in the past, so I thought I'd
>try using bittorrent via a daughter's cable connection and mac. Going for
>the Zod-binary-i386, at 49 MB into the download I'm seeing download rates
>bouncing between 0.4K/s and perhaps 10k/s. Somehow those figures don't
>seem right to me. The upload rate is running 7-9K/s, so it isn't because
>I'm not sharing.
>Any clues as to what to check??

You may need to limit the upload rate to avoid starving your download's
ACKs.  I use bittorrent-curses with the --max_upload_rate <kb/s> option
(bittorrent-curses --help).  The default is 20, which is more than you're

The cable provider may be specificly limiting bittorrent.

All your peers may be much like you, and also downloading, so your
aggregate banddwidth is the same as their average upload bandwidth.
Sometimes you get lucky restarting bittorrent.

With my upload limited to about half my max upstream b/w, I got about 100
KB/s on average.  I'm uploading at 60 now, having done about 5 GB, and will
continue until about 7 GB (2 copies).
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