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Ellison's Elision

'' I'm here at Oracle "Open" World, and am a bit shocked by what I'm seeing. Oracle, longtime partner to Red Hat, is rolling out the next phase of its Unbreakable Linux program, designed to kill Red Hat and Novell. With partners like Oracle, who needs competitors? Now, Oracle will say that it's offering a level of support unmatched by Red Hat, and it will also say that it's not designed to kill Red Hat. But when you roll out an equivalent or better offering at 40% of the cost...that's not a partner-y thing to do.


(also: http://www.channelregister.co.uk/2006/10/25/oracle_red_hat_support/ )

From what I could understand, Oracle is doing a CentOS but with paid support and IP indemnity. Some say this is payback because Oracle wanted JBoss:


But Redhat ended up with them:


However... if I had to choose between giving Oracle or Redhat money, my thoughts turn to the great benefits I have had from RHAT on Fedora compared to some bloke boasting about the size of his yacht.


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