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Re: FC5 Efax

On 10/25/06, antonio montagnani <antonio montagnani gmail com> wrote:
Trying to set up my box also a faxing machine.
What does it mean???

Socket avviato sulla porta 9900
efax-0.9a: 00:01:27 Error: can't open pre-lock file
/var/lock/TMP..03746: Permission denied
efax-0.9a: 00:01:27 failed page /home/antonio/prova.001
efax-0.9a: 00:01:27 finished - unrecoverable error

Any help???
Antonio Montagnani
Skype : antoniomontag

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Hi antonio montagnani!

I am no expert.

Lock files usually mean that "someone else" (maybe you as another user
or befor a re-boot) were useing the utility so a "lock file" was set
up to make sure that only one user at a time may use the utility
(happens once in a while with Firefox and it's user parameter files).

The usual "fix" (if you know there are no other users) is to be root
and delete the file.

It may be that your user has no permissions to /var/lock or that the
program has not permissions to /var/lock.

Good Hunting!


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