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Re: What is the consensus on the best partition scheme and size?/Keeping home separate

> That's an extraordinary view.
> There are overwhelming arguments for a separate /home partition,
> whether using LVM or not.
> To start with, it makes the installation
> (whether by clean install or upgrade)
> of a new version of Fedora far simpler.

I tend to agree. Putting everything in one partition is just a bad idea.

For what its worth I favor having a few partitions.

/boot : Small, 100M
/        : System files. Currently FC5. About 10G (usually around 60-70 % 
/home : User areas. About 30G .
/other_os : 10 G again
This scheme has worked really well for me, since RH9 was the first install and 
through FC1 to FC5. It allows me to keep /home and also to install and try 
new OSes cleanly without deleting the main one.

When I upgrade, or just try out a new OS I install that in /other_os. In this 
way I can boot either to my main system (FC5) or other_os. /home has has not 
been formatted since RH9.

Soon I will try out FC6, by installing it on "/other_os" (although of course 
when booted to this system it thinks it is /). Once I'm happy its working OK 
and I have everything, I can purge the old "/" partition (the one with FC5 on 
it) ready for other things to try, or eventually FC7 :)

cheers Chris

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