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Re: Can't boot kernel-2.6.18-1.2200.fc5

Dave Jones wrote:

I fixed this in CVS already. I'll be working on getting
another update out as soon as I get back home

It really is broke?

I am surprised. I thought it was something I had done wrong or that it was a problem with my hardware.

As I have posted earlier, I have unreliable power, especially during thunderstorm season. It is not the on/off that causes problems but the rapid in-betweens. Usually my FC5 boxes just reboot and resume normal operations. I have been very please with this. It is more than I had expected. This time, this one system did not recover (2 other 2200 kernel systems did).

I am happily running on the 1987 core and will probably go to FC6 within the next month. So, this is not a priority for me now.

I have learned a lot. I still want to learn more though:

I want to know how to capture these messages in a log file. /var/log/boot.log is empty and dmesg and messages do not have them either.

I also want to find the list of switches for the kernel line in grub.conf.

Thanks again to all who have helped me this far.


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