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Re: OT: Looking for wood-grain patterns

Joe Smith wrote:

Thanks for the kind reply.

Mike McCarty wrote:

So, we are looking for wood grain images which we can print or
reproduce using Xerographic techniques, color, and varnish to
repair these sets.

Does anyone know of wood grain patterns which we could use?

Why don't you make your own? Take a digital camera to a... I don't know, a furniture store? A lumber yard? A furniture maker would probably be best. You can print them yourself or send them out to be printed on whatever material you need (I'm just guessing here).

Two reasons...

First, such kinds of photos have a tendency to come out dark and

Second, you'd like the color of the top of the case to match the
color on the sides. This requires careful staining to achieve,
something which is not easily achieved with a photograph.

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