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RE: FC4 hosed

hi jim....

i'm not sure what you've done... but..

you can get a copy of the rpmcpio.sh file from

you can also review instructions for using/running the file.

basically, you'll do './rpm2cpio.sh foo.rpm. | cpio -idv'

this will get you the contents of the rpm package...

let me know if you have any questions...


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>On 10/24/06, bruce <bedouglas earthlink net> wrote:
>>hey jim....
>>you're going to need to get a copy of a script rpm2cpio, and use it to
>>rebuild/install the rpm app.
>>-get a copy of the rpm2cpio script from googling
>>-install the script per instructions
>>-get a copy of the rpm rpm and download it
>>-run the rpm2cpio on the rpm file to install the rpm app
>>this should get you your rpm functionality back
>>you can then use this to reinstall yum
>>you can then use yum to reinstall rpm/yum, and update the rpm database...
>>have fun!
>Is there no solution with the rescue disk using --dbpath and --root
>Or does the rescue disk not include a standalone rpm?

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I created a rpm448.cpio file

Do you know the cpio command to install this created file?

I have googled endlessly..


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