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Re: Ellison's Elision

Ric Moore wrote:

> When I worked at RedHat, we had a team of Oracle people there working on
> some of the first ports of Oracle to Linux. We used it in support and it
> sucked. It was the slowest most clunky piece of malware I had ever seen.
> I'm with you, Andy... I personally don't own Larry Ellison squat. It's
> only a matter of time and a dearth of Government Contracts for his whole
> yacht to flip keel side up and flounder. I'd open the damn petcocks
> myself. 

	Hey Ric, you need to stop holding in your feelings like this.  It'll
only lead to a stroke or heart attack.  You must learn to express your
feelings...  Let them out and not bottle them up inside.  :-P

	Seriously, I am in complete agreement with you and Andy.  OC, no one
gives a flying fig about my opinion.

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