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Re: mdadm and new FC6 install

Frank Pineau wrote:
So, I'm getting ready to do my upgrade from FC5 to FC6 as a clean
install.  I built a RAID5 array way-back-when using mdadm to house data.
The OS is installed on a separate drive.

Here's the thing.  I only vaguely remember what I did to build the
array.  I *think* the array info is stored on the array itself and not
in the OS.  If I blow away the OS drive to do the FC6 install, will it
see (and activate) the array without losing the data on it?  Note again
that the RAID array is on a separate set of disks from the OS.

I'll obviously have backups anyway, but I'd prefer to not have to
rebuild my array and restore all the data.  That was kinda the whole
point of separating the data and OS drives.

It will not touch the raid array--except to start it if it can--as long as you select custom partitioning, for example, and do not mount it. Start the install and when you are offered default partitioning select instead custom partitioning. See if the partitioner shows your drive. If it sees it, you now have the opportunity to specify its mount point. If it doesn't and you are installing the OS elsewhere anyway, install, then see if the array is seen. If the array is not seen and you are not comfortable going forward, you can ctr-alt-delete out of the install.


Old Fart
(my reply-to address is "munged" to defeat spambots)

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