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Re: What is the consensus on the best partition scheme and size?/Keeping home separate

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Andy Green wrote:

> But on a box like this laptop, what does LVM being on by default really
> get you?  I don't use separate partitions for /home and such, for the
> single user laptop situation it's not beneficial.  So short of going
> nuts and taping a USB drive on top of the laptop and superglueing its
> lead in, for me at least LVM only enables the possibility of downsides
> while giving nothing good.

I will agree to disagree here. I am in a single user laptop situation
and I _always_ have a separate /home partition. As I upgrade my system I
never worry about losing my personal files etc.
The benefit is obvious compared to the small hassle of having to fix
some minor tidbits like symlinks and similar.

The benefits of LVM are not that obvious, I will agree there but a
sensible partition scheme is a must for me as I am not willing to
reinvent the wheel with my home-brew scripts that all reside in ~/bin
my email etc.

my $.02


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