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Re: Apple Cinema 23"

On Oct 25 fredex did spake thusly:

I think I saw in an earlier post in this thread that you don't even
see text from the BIOS at bootup time. While I don't know anything
about DVI, I'd think that if the monitor/cable/video card were
working right that you SHOULD see such text.

I had a strange issue earlier, using the beta nvidia driver...I'd installed an acpi module for frequency scaling, failed to install an ntfs module but left the mount command in /etc/fstab - so the acpi module insert was tried and failed (no such device) and the mount init command was [Failed] on account of the bad ntfs line.

What I was seeing was:
initial kernel stuff on boot.
Switch to X gui for interactive boot - which then showed the failed module insert and mount
Then a black screen with a mouse cursor and nothing more
And switching to a different tty just gives me a completely black screen

I resolved both these issues and got X back

If you're seeing up to the switch to X for interactive startup...maybe it's a similar issue? If you're seeing nothing whatsoever after the bios POST, no kernel messages at all, then perhaps it's not ;)

IF you're seeing nothing at all, no POST either, then I'd blame your GPU...

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