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Re: FC 5 > FC6 via YUM update - try method hard drive

Joe Klemmer wrote:
Lonni J Friedman wrote:

I thought that you need some kind of bootdisk to run anaconda.  Can
you run an anaconda upgrade from a running FC5 system?  Also, since
doing an upgrade via yum or net both go over the 'Net, is there a
significant difference between them?
You do need some kind of bootable mechanism to run the anaconda installer, however it doesn't have to be a CD. USB key, PXEboot, etc
 all work fine.  The difference is that using anaconda is a
'supported' method for upgrading whereas yum is not.

	Hmmm...  I'll have to see if this laptop will boot via usb or
something.  There's no floppy in it and I don't have anything to boot
from via PEXboot.
If you have the DVD iso downloaded:
1. put it at the top level any drive except the / drive. {may only be required if you intend to format the / drive}
2. mkdir empty-folder
3. mount -o loop the-dvd.iso empty-folder
4. cp empty-folder/images/pxeboot/ vmlinuz and initrd.img to your existing /boot folder.
5. gedit /boot/grub/grub.boot
6. copy a boot stanza, but change the kernel and initrd lines to have the version-less vm.. and in..
7. reboot and press a key to get boot selection.
8. choose the new selection:
9. select Hard disk and choose the partition and folder where the iso is.
10. tell it you want to upgrade.

Whoolah - booting the installer from your own machine. This is definitely operational with an FC5 to FC6 upgrade on my machine.


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