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Re: OT: the rm bug hit me again

Mike McCarty wrote:
Arthur Pemberton wrote:

On 10/25/06, Robin Laing <Robin Laing drdc-rddc gc ca> wrote:

Graphical file manager?  That isn't the *nix way of doing things.  :)

And the -f in the rm command it to stop the "Confirm delete?" questions.
   My rm is set to confirm all deletes using alias.


How exactly did you do this? I got bit by this bug once in my Linux
life, would prefer it never happens again.

alias rm='rm -i'


And put it in your .bashrc file so it is there all the time.
This is what I have in mine. I use the --backup=t command to make copies of files instead of overwriting the files. This way I don't accidently destroy a file when one is a duplicate name of another.

~/.bashrc~:alias rm='rm -i'
~/.bashrc~:alias cp='cp -i --backup=t'
~/.bashrc~:alias mv='mv -i --backup=t'
~/.bashrc~:alias mp='mplayer'

Of course if you use the -f in with the rm command, you are toasted anyways as the interactive response is overridden.

Robin Laing

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