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Re: Can't su

Brian D. McGrew wrote:
Morning All,

I've got a large network of mixed SunOS, Solaris, RH7.3, FC3 and FC5
machines running NIS with a Solaris 8 Sparc NIS Master Server.

All is good but I have one (and only one) user that for some reason and
not su to root on any Linux box.  He can su on any Solaris or SunOS
machine but pick any random Linux box and when he tries to su he gets
back 'incorrect password'.

Well, he probably doesn't know the root password on those machines.

Anyone ever heard of this before?  What am I missing???  His user
account looks exactly like all the others in the NIS passwd and shadow
files and I've deleted and recreated it just to be sure???

He may be entering his own password, treating su as sudo.

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