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Re: fwcutter/wifi on FC6 ?

I got my Broadcom wireless device working, but I am not sure how fast it
is.  It seems to be really slow compared to ndiswrapper.

The problem above was that wlan0/ndiswrapper were still installed.  To
uninstall them, I did the following:

1) rmmod ndiswrapper

2) ndiswrapper -e bcmwl5

3) removed alias wlan0 bcm43xx from /etc/modprobe.conf

4) rm ndiswrapper from /etc/modprobe.d

5) remove ifcfg-wlan0 if present from /etc/network-scripts

6) in firestarter, remove wlan0 from the internet or network connections
in preferences.  Double check this happens by looking
in /etc/firestarter/configuration

7) I temporarily rmmod bcm43xx 

After you do this, there should be only one wireless entry in the
hardware tab in system-config-network.

Then I ran /etc/init.d/network restart  and made sure that wlan0 was not
showing up.

Once the restarts were clear of wlan0, I modprobe bcm43xx and then used
system-config-network to add a new wireless device, etc.  From that
point on it was more or less straightforward.

I hope this helps someone. 

Kim Lux,  Diesel Research Inc.

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