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Re: Help: Machine says it's running hot

Tim wrote:
On Wed, 2006-10-25 at 22:18 -0500, Mike McCarty wrote:

I am myself not an expert on this matter, and run with sensors
turned off. It seems pretty useless to me. Unless you have a
machine which is improperly designed, or which works in a
harsh environment, then it will run cool enough, and with
proper voltages etc.

I can think of one probable reason to do so with an ordinary computer:
Protection against a fan that seizes.  They do do it, and sometimes
quite unexpectedly.  Some motherboards will beep at you when it happens,
but do nothing more.  Some won't even do that.  It could be handy to set
something that does a clean shutdown, or even a rapid one, if a fan

Usually, fans sieze up only after a long bout with a gradually
failing bearing, which makes its complaints known months before. :-)

But your point is taken. And if there were an *easy* way to make
this happen on *serious* overheating, then I'd agree. I know a
woman who accidentally covered her PS fan and accidentally burned
up her PS.

So far, my machine also won't respond to my UPS. Not that I've
had any disc corruption due to it running down the few times
it has.

If there were *easy* ways to configure these, then they would make
sense. So far, no joy.

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