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Re: Torrent question

Anne Wilson writes:

> On Thursday 26 October 2006 17:32, John Bowden wrote:
>> Anne Wilson writes:
>> > I completed the DVD download yesterday and have been seeding since then.
>> > Azureus, though tells me that the Ratio is bad, at 0.376 (< 0.5).  What
>> > does this mean?
>> >
>> > Anne
>> It means you are downloading much more than you are sharing. if
>> that figure is for the fedora dl then it means the fedara
>> download has not up loadded much yet.
> The problem is that I'm seeing two different ratio figures.  One says 0.903, 
> which makes sense to me.  I finished the download yesterday and I'm still 
> uploading, but take-up is well below the limit I set - less than half.  I've 
> still only uploaded 2.7GB.
> On the status line, though, is a red light, saying that the ratio is now 
> 0.392.  This is the one I was asking about, as it makes no sense.
> Anne

The red light at the bottem is an overall mesurement showing the
ratio for all downloads / uploads. It is ether red or green and
stays red untill you have uploadded as much as you have
downloadded or uploadded a little bit more. If there is a lot of
people shareing a file then your upload tends to slow down. 

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