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FC6 install hanging on glibc-common-2.5-3-i386 package

Hi all, I'm trying to install FC6 on an old piece of hardware.  Here are
the specs (try not to laugh too hard, it's being used as a VPN endpoint,
firewall and router for a small site I support),

	Pentium II @ 350Mhz
	128MB RAM
	4.2GB HD
	Intel PRO/100S dual-port network adapter

I'm installing this system using a PXE server and the source files are
coming off a web server.  It's the same setup I've used for countless
other version of Fedora and RHEL installations.

The problem I'm having is that the kickstart script I have for the
installation is hanging on the glibc-common-2.5-3.i386 package.  The
systems downloads the package okay and the "Status" bar fills to 100%
making me think that the package is trying to install.  But as soon as
the bar hit 100% the install seems to hang.  So I tried the installation
using the PXE server without the kickstart script and the install hangs
in the same place.  This time I switched to the second virtual console
(Alt-F2) and ran top to see what was running.  Anaconda was using 99% of
the CPU.

To further complicate things the same kickstart script works on a newer
piece of hardware.  But I know this low-end hardware is good because it
runs my FC5 kickstart script no problem.

Anyone else having problems with FC6 hanging on install?


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