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Re: fwcutter/wifi on FC6 ?

Regarding bcm43xx speed..

What I've read and my own experience with bcm43xx indicates that it defaults to 11mps and does
not auto-scale. It also does not auto-sense if you have an 802.11g connection, so you have to 
set the speed mannually:

>  iwconfig eth1 rate 54M

I also noticed that if you set the speed higher than can be supported at the range you are from
the access point, you won't have any connectivity. ..because it doesn't autoscale. 

Personally, I also had probs bringing it up on boot so I've switched back to ndiswrapper until bcm43xx matures
a little more.


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From: Kim Lux <lux diesel-research com>
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Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2006 10:56:08 AM
Subject: Re: fwcutter/wifi on FC6 ?

I got my Broadcom wireless device working, but I am not sure how fast it
is.  It seems to be really slow compared to ndiswrapper.

The problem above was that wlan0/ndiswrapper were still installed.  To
uninstall them, I did the following:

1) rmmod ndiswrapper

2) ndiswrapper -e bcmwl5

3) removed alias wlan0 bcm43xx from /etc/modprobe.conf

4) rm ndiswrapper from /etc/modprobe.d

5) remove ifcfg-wlan0 if present from /etc/network-scripts

6) in firestarter, remove wlan0 from the internet or network connections
in preferences.  Double check this happens by looking
in /etc/firestarter/configuration

7) I temporarily rmmod bcm43xx 

After you do this, there should be only one wireless entry in the
hardware tab in system-config-network.

Then I ran /etc/init.d/network restart  and made sure that wlan0 was not
showing up.

Once the restarts were clear of wlan0, I modprobe bcm43xx and then used
system-config-network to add a new wireless device, etc.  From that
point on it was more or less straightforward.

I hope this helps someone. 

Kim Lux,  Diesel Research Inc.

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