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Re: Fonts do not look so nice as before F6

On 10/25/06, Paul Smith <phhs80 gmail com> wrote:
On 10/26/06, Olaf Mueller <daily-planet istari de> wrote:
Thanks, Olaf. Everything looks fine now, except Times New Roman which
on Firefox looks smaller and uglier (to my taste).

Yes the FC6 fonts do seem to have been "downgraded"
in asthetics.

I have a CRT and use Gnome.  I disabled all font smoothing
and hinting (with the expected raggy effect), logged out,
then logged in and set the font smoothing to Grayscale
and the hinting to full and the subpixel to RGB (which
shouldn't matter with CRT/Grayscale).

The fonts are getting smoothed and hinted, but they don't
look as nice as I remember.  This is especially true for
serif fonts, like Deja Vu LGC Serif, although I've tried other
fonts as well.  The sans-serif fonts are passable.

Especially what I notice most seems to be very bad kerning
now (even for the sans-serif fonts), which is probably even
more distracting that the apparently-different hinting.

Is there a chance that some font instrastructure is not set
right anymore (pango, freetype, fontconfig, etc?).
Deron Meranda

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