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Re: Fonts do not look so nice as before F6

Deron Meranda wrote:

Yes the FC6 fonts do seem to have been "downgraded"
in asthetics.
The fonts are getting smoothed and hinted, but they don't
look as nice as I remember.  This is especially true for
serif fonts, like Deja Vu LGC Serif, although I've tried other
fonts as well.  The sans-serif fonts are passable.
Is there a chance that some font instrastructure is not set
right anymore (pango, freetype, fontconfig, etc?).

Are you sure that the fonts don't look "worse" on account of the default font changing? It used to be that Luxi was the default font family for monospace and sans-serif fonts. Now it's DejaVu for all generic styles.

I much prefer Luxi, particularly for monospace. Reverting is a Process, though. I modified /etc/fonts/conf.d/59-dejavu-lgc-fonts.conf to comment out the "alias" section that "prefer"s DejaVu for monospace, and then modified /etc/fonts/conf.d/60-latin.conf and moved Luxi Mono up to the top of the list of preferred monospace fonts. I also adjusted the hinting style to sub-pixel smoothing in the Gnome font config UI.

Questions for those more inclined to investigate: If you change the "sans" or "monospace" fonts in the Gnome font UI, does it affect KDE? I know that Firefox and Thunderbird have their own font settings, and I didn't want to have to change the fonts in four different places.

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