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Re: fixing amarok ???

On Thu, 2006-10-26 at 12:03 -0400, Todd Zullinger wrote:
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> Kim Lux wrote:
> > An update should NOT remove existing applications !
> There is a difference between and update and an upgrade.  When doing
> an upgrade, if there is no way to resolve dependencies with existing
> applications, what would you prefer?  That they stay installed and are
> broken?  Either way you can't use them.  The question is did you
> enable extras and livna during your FC6 upgrade?

I didn't see the option to do so.  I must have missed that.  I didn't
select any packages or anything.  It used all 5 CDs.

It mustn't be a patent issue because I just noticed that it un-installed
gtkterm as well and there are no patent issues with that that I'm aware
of.  And gtkterm is in extras.  I'm not exactly sure what happened, but
lots of my apps got un installed.  Pan did get updated, but it lost all
my news server info and I subscribe to several servers that need a user
and password, so that was a pain too.  And the .pan directory was
intact, so that is a bit of a head scratcher too. 

Anyway, other than these minor issues, FC6 runs great.   

Kim Lux,  Diesel Research Inc.

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