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Re: are you using Fedora in a production environment?

Max Spevack wrote:
Are you using Fedora in a production or live enviornment? Are you using large deployments of Fedora, in some sort of "critical" capacity? Do you know someone who is, and will you forward this email to them?

If you are, I want to hear all about it. I'm trying to gather data for some Fedora myth-busting exercises, and also to inform some of our decision making for Fedora 7.

What's your setup like?

I use mainly samba and run a web server on the production computer. This is only on a small internal network. A few problems happened during the life of the install. Either communications with other Fedora users or bug reports resolved the few issues encountered. The machine was just upgraded to FC6 and still functions as intended.

What is it about Fedora that made you choose to use it, as opposed to something else?

Familiarity with RH since version 5.2 and continued familiarity through FC6. Also I'd rather have a modern OS on the computer vs. one where a license leaves you back as with MS OS systems.

What works well for you?

Samba, apache, system tools, databases, the GUI and desktop applications such as openoffice.org, pdf viewers and a host of other applications.

What could be better?

An assurance that one upgrade every so often from release to release will not bust setups which took some time to hone to the desired task.

etc, etc.  Anything you care to share with me.

That's about it. I'm impressed with the larger scale operations posted earlier related to heavy throughput and more sophisticated usage.


Reply on-list, reply to me directly, whatever works best for you.


If you mess with a thing long enough, it'll break.
		-- Schmidt

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