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Re: fixing amarok ???

Kim Lux <lux <at> diesel-research.com> writes:
> I didn't see the option to do so.  I must have missed that.  I didn't
> select any packages or anything.  It used all 5 CDs.

But you didn't enable Extras during install, did you?

> It mustn't be a patent issue because I just noticed that it un-installed
> gtkterm as well and there are no patent issues with that that I'm aware
> of.  And gtkterm is in extras.  I'm not exactly sure what happened, but
> lots of my apps got un installed.

It's apparently a new "feature" in Anaconda which removes all apps with broken 
dependencies (if not all apps which aren't in the 5 CDs) during an install, 
rather than giving you the opportunity to fix them up post-install as it used 
to do.

> Pan did get updated, but it lost all
> my news server info and I subscribe to several servers that need a user
> and password, so that was a pain too.  And the .pan directory was
> intact, so that is a bit of a head scratcher too.

Pan was updated to a new, incompatible version. Backwards compatibility for 
user data apparently wasn't a priority upstream. So it's the upstream Pan 
developers you have to complain to, not Fedora.

        Kevin Kofler

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