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Re: OT: Looking for wood-grain patterns

Mike -

I didn't read your orginal post very well. If i follow, you're trying
to print/varnish a portion of the finish to match the rest.  That's
going to be extremely difficult, when you consider the evolution of
printing methods and materials over the years.  "Good" varnish for
example (like good ink) will kill you and most of it is now illegal to
manufacture.  Paper was not white back in the day - more of a yellowed
color.  Modern inks/toners age and fade differently from older
materials.  I could go on and on - enough doom and gloom!

I would attempt this project in the following manner:

First, scan a portion of the existing finish in grayscale.  Try to get
the whole "panel", or as much as you can.  If there were multiple
scans, stitch them together in GIMP, etc. For testing, can at 100 for
speed.  You'll probably need at least 300 dpi to fake the original

Next, adjust the image (contrast/levels) until you can print it out
and it matches the darkness/pattern of your original finish.  I would
print out several versions of the image (lighter, darker, etc - you
might even switch it back to RGB mode and tint or colorize the image),
and print several copies of each variation.  You may have to
expirament with paper/printer/copier combos also.

Next, formulate your varnish/stain and set about to staining - the
goal being to fake the original process as closely as possible.

If it's not right, go back to step 1 - adjust your scanning and repeat 2 and 3.

Once you have your method, refinish the entire set.  My thought being
that even though the old finish is gone, the new one should really
"fool" you - it should look/feel/taste like the real thing.  even if I
were to try and make a patch, I'd probably still go through the steps


PS - I work in a print shop - without physically examing the finish, I
cannot tell you if we could replicate it.  If you want to (and you
have access to a scanner), scan a very small portion of it at the
highest resolution you have available, save it as PNG or TIFF and
email it to cr33dog gmail com   I'll at least give it a look.

PPS - feel free to email me off-list about this one... I check in
about twice a day.

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