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Re: Beagle and Deskbar Applet in FC6

Brian Gaynor wrote:
On Thu, 2006-10-26 at 12:16 +0200, Uno Engborg wrote:
When I try to search for a file in my home directory containing a
certain text using beagle in FC6, no search results are returned even
though the directory contains files that matches.

According to the settings in "Desktop Search" indexing should start
automatically, and the index my home directory checkbox is checked.

I assume that the problem is that the files somehow are not indexed.
Is there anything else I should do to get this working?

As I recall the last time I tried it Beagle had to spend a lot of time
indexing before you could do any even remotely useful searching. For me
the limited functionality wasn't worth the heavy resource demand.

I suppose that depend on how much data you index, and what system resources you have.

Anyway, shouldn't beageld run, for this to work. This doesn't seam to be the case on my system. How should beagld normally be started.

Uno Engborg

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