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Re: are you using Fedora in a production environment?

On 10/26/06, Alastair Neil <ajneil gmail com> wrote:

On 10/26/06, Max Spevack < mspevack redhat com> wrote:
Are you using Fedora in a production or live enviornment?  Are you using
large deployments of Fedora, in some sort of "critical" capacity?  Do you
know someone who is, and will you forward this email to them?

If you are, I want to hear all about it.  I'm trying to gather data for
some Fedora myth-busting exercises, and also to inform some of our
decision making for Fedora 7.

What's your setup like?

What is it about Fedora that made you choose to use it, as opposed to
something else?

What works well for you?

What could be better?

etc, etc.  Anything you care to share with me.

Reply on-list, reply to me directly, whatever works best for you.


I work for the Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering at George Mason University, quite a mouthful I know :).
We have a number of workstations (~200) running dual boot windows and linux, two thirds of these  run Scientific Linux and one third FC5.  We run FC5 on those machines because of hardware support.  The sata device is not well supported in SL.  We also have around 30 servers.  We run a a mix of Solaris 9/10 and Linux.  Most of the Linux systems are either CentOS or Scientific Linux, however we have a small number of systems running FC 2 and FC3 again for hardware support at the time they were installed.  This includes our primary NFS server which runs FC3.  We used to run more FC systems, however we are migrating to AFS and have selected Scientific Linux as our primary platform because of it's OpenAFS integration.


I hate to follow up my own post , however I forgot to mention on area in which we will continue to use FC.  Virtualisation.  I will be setting up Xen FC systems in the near future.


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