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Re: FC6

Scott van Looy wrote:
I believe that the kernel is built with smp enabled and you do
not need to use a variation marked as smp when running FC6. One
kernel for single and multiprocessors from now on.

Yes, I know. I was stating that yum *didn't* upgrade my kernel, possibly
because of this. I was left with the kernel-smp from fc5 still
installed and running and yum telling me there were no more
updates. I had to find a mirror, download the correct kernel RPM
and install it using RPM

I am not sure I follow what you are saying.

I was upgrading an x86_64 machine at the time...I actually meant i386 - yum didn't upgrade my fc5 smp kernel to a fc6 kernel when going from fc5 to fc6

I run a dual core athlon and have been running FC5 x86_64 since FC5 came
I have _never_ seen a 64 bit smp kernel in FC5.  Yes, they had an smp
kernel for the i686 kernel initially, but that was also removed long

I had a kernel-smp for the whole time I ran FC5. Version 2 was compiled October 16th. Rawhide dropped the smp version once they fixed the problem with cpuspeed for Athlon processors. At least that is when I noticed no more kernel-smp variations.

If you had not updated fully and still had the smp kernel installed/in
use,  it is possible that the upgrade might fail that way.  It should
not have failed if you had the FC5 installation fully updated before you
started the upgrade.

I do not know if FC5 installed both the kernel and kernel-smp variations. I believe it installed one or the other version. My only smp capable system was created in 2004 and continually upgraded, leaving both variations in the upgrade path. If there was one or the other kernel variant installed, those going the yum upgrade route ought to install the regular kernel before yum upgrading.


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