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Re: in-place clean installs with one / partition

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:
Andy Green <andy warmcat com> writes:

I am not overwhelmed by this "overwhelming argument": I do clean
installs and upgrades just fine with /home in /.

Please do tell us how you do this.

The last time I needed to actually get distribution media packages on to a box was when I took that box off Development a couple of years ago. Neither an upgrade install nor a "install" (which I was thinking of as a "clean install", actually, but it doesn't matter) over that filesystem did anything useful, because anaconda/rpm saw that to its mind "later" packages were already in there and did not update them, despite it was asked to perform an "install".

What I did then was to boot in linux rescue from the install media, mount the / filesystem and

rm -rf /usr/* /var/* ...

then I umounted the / filesystem and did the "install" (sans format!), which worked fine and my box was off the at that time extremely shaky Development stuff.

I have an FC5 system with 4 200G disks and 2 logical volumes spread
over all 4 of them.  I need to figure out how to just nuke the fc5
bits while retaining the second volume group.

Why must the FC5 bits get nuked? I didn't get what the driving force for the effort is.

I was going to try to boot the install dvd, mount the volume 00 (say
on /mnt), mkdir /mnt/fc5 ; mv /mnt/* /mnt/fc5

Is this what you do?  Is there a better way?  Backing up ~800GB of
data is going to take one heck of a big pile of DVD's.

Well without a backup your data is in a fragile way anyway. A good way if faced with something tricky is to buy a new, bigger HDD, so the old implementation becomes the backup and the data is migrated to the new HDD. You can get a 750GB HDD nowadays that replaces your four drives in one: unless your drives were raided your reliability actually goes up.


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