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Re: Can't boot kernel-2.6.18-1.2200.fc5

Mel wrote:
Richard England wrote:

Haven't had time to investigate further but I will.

These days I am very busy and haven't had the time I would like to have to follow-up on this.

Because I have a working kernel, it is not urgent.

What I have found that I don't understand (actually there is a lot I don't understand) is why a search was giving me acpi files in 2187 directories but none in 2200 directories. A second system had them in both 2187 and 2200 directories.

I ran yum list acpi on the failing system and acpi was not installed (don't know why not). I installed it and now see acpi in both 2187 and 2200 directories.

I tried rebooting after installing acpi but got the same results.

There must be a power fail recovery file somewhere that is unique to 2200 but is not deleted or at least overwritten when the 2200 kernel is removed and re-installed.

The only thing I can think of is that some critical package on your system that is needed to successfully install the kernel, like mkinitrd might be corrupted.

Then another possibility is that this particular box does not work well with the 2220 kernel version. Check bugzilla for kernel bugs related to acpi errors and of course your boot stanza for additions to the file like acpi=off. There was a period where acpi was off by default and I had to include acpi=on to the boot line in order to successfully boot.

I know, this probably did not help you, but just some ideas which might lead you to a solution.

I'd personally try shutting down the system with 'shutdown -Fr now' to see if the bad power-off condition possibly corrupted the filesystem but is not flagged by the journal. Then check out the rpm database for missing parts in installed rpms.


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