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Re: Very strange keyboard Problems (FC4)

Oh, I forgot to mention, that it occurs no matter if I use a PS/2 or an USB keyboard.


On 10/27/06, dev loop gmail com <dev loop gmail com> wrote:

I have a very strange keyboard problem under FC4 which occured all of a sudden, without any updates or other changes involved.
The pc was running with exactly this configuration for 3 month already, and today the problem occured.

After booting everything is fine, but as soon, as I log in (or within the first 5 minutes after logging in) the keyboard starts to behave very strange. I need to press a key for 2 or 3 seconds, before the pressed character actually appears in the konsole or kwrite for example.
The system is not sluggish or has a high cpu load, as I can move the mouse around like always, start programs from the menu and so on. All is ok. When I log in via ssh, everything is fine as well.

Im using FC4 ( 2.6.15-1.1831_FC4)
KDE (kdebase-3.5.1-0.3.fc4)

Its like the debouncing isnt working anymore, but I always thought, that is done via hardware, not software.

Any ideas ?


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