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Re: What is the consensus on the best partition scheme and size?/Keeping home separate

James Wilkinson:
>> One obvious thing to note: data in /tmp gets wiped each time you reboot
>> the machine. I actually find this really helpful -- I find I do create a
>> number of temporary files which won't need to last beyond a reboot.

Timothy Murphy:
> This certainly isn't true on my laptop, which I boot daily, eg
> [tim martha ~]$ ls -ls /tmp/gfaq.pdf
> 344 -rw------- 1 tim tim 344131 Oct 10 12:56 /tmp/gfaq.pdf

Wasn't it James who said he used tmpfs for his /tmp?  That's using RAM,
not disk, for /tmp, so theirs would go away on a reboot.

> Is there some setting for this?

Ordinarily, /tmp file get cleared by a cron job that checks for files
that haven't been accessed recently.  There's a configurable time period
for when something is considered old enough to be deleted.

(Currently testing FC5, but still running FC4, if that's important.)

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