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Re: A humble suggestion for Fedora

Timothy Murphy wrote:
Wouldn't it be nice if the Fedora installation
asked for some feedback ...?

Eg, "Did you find installation easy (on a scale of 1 to 5)",
"What problems (if any) did you have: None, Reading CDs, ...",
"Do you any suggestions for improvement".

Though I don't like some of the thoughts, it may be a good idea to improve the installation experience.

I say this as many on this list would love to see Fedora or at least Linux on more desktops than that other buggy OS. One of the biggest headaches is the install as we see on this list. Many of those at home don't know or care about mail lists or as some said, read wiki's. It could be part of a registration type form. It could provide data that may be useful for FC7 release.

Most on this list are veterans of Linux so the problems that Mom down the street experiences could be beneficial to the development of a better experience.

Of course all would be optional.

Robin Laing

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