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Re: AMD Turion™ 64 Mobile or "Regular" x86 Laptop

Joe Klemmer wrote:
	Ok, this is semi-topical but still within the range of list posting.

	I am in a situation where I need to buy a laptop, like, today.  My
mother's system just died and she wants a new one ASAP.  I have been
pricing things and found that I can get some good prices on AMD Turion™
64 systems.  I am, however, unsure if it would be worth it to get a
64-bit processor or get a regular x86 one.  The key is will she be able
to run all the software I currently have setup for her?  I know FC5/FC6
will be happy but there's some third party apps that need to be run.

	Any info or opinions is greatly welcome.

Without knowing the 3rd party applications, it is hard to tell.
Although, most 64-bit machines run better or as well in 32 bit emulation as their true 32-bit counterparts... So, IMHO, might as well look to the future and get the 64-bit machine, regardless of if you use it in 64 bit mode now or later...

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