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FC6 Install Observations and Boot Issue

Dear List,

These are just observations and you can take them or leave them. I
believe that perhaps some of this is a misunderstanding on my part
of how the install actually functions.

I did a LAN FTP install, but it did not install all of the
components I selected. Also, the FTP install complained on every
package of not being able to find said package and or that the
source was corrupt. If I hit retry the package would install. Very
odd to me. I reproduced this in all 3 of my install attempts.Did
anyone else note this? 

The fact that FC 6 installed leads me to believe that maybe it's a
config problem on my side. I've never done an FTP install before so
it's very likely. I do not expect anyone to fix my own stupidity.

After the install, the packages that I had previously asked FC to
install had to be 'yum'ed. As the install seemed to not ask me for
any other places in which to get the other discs. So, again likely
a stupid error on my part. I'd like some validation of this ^_^

After first boot, the machine seemed to run normal other than me
having to download GNOME components to get X to work. My glitch
comes in the fact that one of my partitions even though
in /etc/fstab, is not being mounted. I have to mount it manually.

Also, even though I formatted the various partitions (and
left /home alone), my fstab has entires with a 1 trailing the
label. Is there a reason for that? I don't use FC often so if there
is a post on the list about this just say so and I will find it, no
need to link.

Here is the /etc/fstab entry for my partition that is not being
mounted at boot as it was in previous linux installs:

/dev/hda7   /net  ext3	defaults  1 2

I manually removed the label call so as to test if maybe the label
was incorrect. That did not help matters. If you need my
entire /etc/fstab please let me know.

Alex White
ethericalzen gmail com
Life is a prison, death is a release

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