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tmpfs and /tmp

Bill Rugolsky Jr. wrote:
> I like /tmp to be fast, and /var/tmp to be large, so I create a large swap
> and use tmpfs for /tmp:

Lars E. Pettersson replied:
> I have never thought about this. Could you define large. What is generally
> needed in a situation where /tmp is tmpfs?

I commented:
> One obvious thing to note: data in /tmp gets wiped each time you reboot
> the machine. I actually find this really helpful -- I find I do create a
> number of temporary files which won't need to last beyond a reboot.

Timothy Murphy replied (without quoting Bill and Lars):
> This certainly isn't true on my laptop, which I boot daily, eg
> [tim martha ~]$ ls -ls /tmp/gfaq.pdf
> 344 -rw------- 1 tim tim 344131 Oct 10 12:56 /tmp/gfaq.pdf
> Is there some setting for this?

As you can see from the context, Timothy, the setting is using tmpfs for
/tmp. See Bill's post for details.

Maybe I should have changed the subject...


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