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Re: Media Check errors on Fedora Core 6

try :

linux mediacheck ide=nodma

when booting from first cd

2006/10/27, Thompson Freeman <tfreeman intel digichem net>:

Another of my silly little "challenges". As in things
aren't quite working as expected 8-/.

I have downloaded the cd isos for FC-6, and the sha1sums of
the images test as good. I have burned to cd two complete
sets of cds, and gotten one cd to pass the media check
step. _Everything_ else fails, and fails multiple times.
I have looked at bugzilla and not found mention of this
being a problem as it has in the past with fedora.

Is anyone else having similar challenges, or should I
assume the problem is entirely on this end?

As a side issue, how would I get the sha1sum of the burned
cd? I believe that should remain the same as the image
file, or am I completely a sea?

Thanks in advance for your help

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