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Re: Media Check errors on Fedora Core 6

On Fri, 27 Oct 2006, Tom Weniger wrote:

On 10/27/06, Thompson Freeman <tfreeman intel digichem net> wrote:

Is anyone else having similar challenges, or should I
assume the problem is entirely on this end?

As a side issue, how would I get the sha1sum of the burned
cd? I believe that should remain the same as the image
file, or am I completely a sea?

Thanks in advance for your help

Greetings Thompson,

I had a similar challenge with the DVD download. I cleaned the DVD
after it failed the mediacheck the first time, then did another
mediacheck with the boot message linux ide=nodma (from the release
notes) and it failed again. I then tried the mediacheck in another PC
and it worked. Third-time lucky when I retried it on the original PC.

Open a terminal and type:
sha1sum  'name of cd'

Another issue may be a dying dvd drive.

I had similar failures on my last DVD burner. I replaced the drive and it now works fine.

DVD burners are $37.00 or thereabouts. Not worth the time making a broken drive work since they are so cheap to replace.

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