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Re: FC5 -> FC6 my experience

Mark Haney wrote:
Roo wrote:
Here's a question for you:
If Fedora is pure crap (in your eyes), -why- are -you- still using it?

I'm not. I dumped it when I started having yet more problems after

Okay, obligatory question. If it's so bad for you, and you aren't using it, why are you bitching and moaning on this list. In fact, why are you on this list at all? You're not contributing anything positive to the community. You know when my kids start acting like this they get spanked and sent to their room.

Accepting the unnecessary degree of whining the OP did, I
still think it's useful to have people summarise the bad
experiences they've had.  Of course you should file a bug,
but how many casual users decide when it's time to move to
FC6 on the basis of trolling[1] through bugzilla on a daily

[1] Same word, different meaning.


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