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Bittorrent download rates?

I'm downloading FC6 and am curious what sort of download rates you 
guys are getting.  Mine is really slow about 6-8kb/s.  I've forwarded 
the ports in my router from 6881-6999 so I think that part is OK.  I 
get a lot of errors in the Bittorrent log, about one every few 
seconds.  Is that normal?  My Linksys router shows a lot of 
Connection Refused - Policy Violation messages in the incoming log.  
The ports are often 6881 on the remote end and not in the 6881-6999 
range on my end.  I assume that these have something to do with 
Bittorrent but I'm not sure what.  I would like to improve my 
performance a bit, I've been downloading for several days and it says 
I have 5 to go :-).

It is also possible that my ISP is throttling these connections.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Knute Johnson
Molon Labe...

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