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Re: Does Anyone Know How To Get VMware Server Working in Fedora Core 6?

Christopher A. Williams wrote:
On Fri, 2006-10-27 at 19:54 -0400, Jeffrey D. Yuille wrote:

     Has anyone been able to get VMware server working in Fedora Core 
6?   I have VMware-server-1.0.1-29996 that I would like to install.  It 
gets to the point near the end of the installation where it aborts.  Any 
clues as to how to fix this? 

There are several threads on this. It's a bug in the Anaconda installer
that installs an i586 series kernel in stead of an i686 kernel like it's
supposed to.

The fix is to install the i686 kernel manually, along with the i686
version of kernel-devel. After that, VMware Workstation and Server will
both install and run with no issues.



"Never murder a man when he's
busy committing suicide."

-- Woodrow Wilson


     I already manually installed the i686 kernel and the kernel-devel but I still come up with the same problem in installing VMware.  What should I do next or where do I go to find out step-by-step to fix this problem? 

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