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Re: Triple boot Fedora, XP, and Vista

Thom Paine wrote:
I did some googling earlier looking for info on triple booting Fedora,
XP and Vista. I found some good info where everything is contained all
on one drive, but I have 4 sata drives that I'll be using.

I have an 80G for XP, and 80G for Vista, a 160 for Fedora, and a 250
for data storage.

Has anyone else worked at triple booting in this way?

The one guide suggests using the windows bootloader to let you handle
xp and vista and grub can get you into fedora. Ideally I'l like to use
grub for all three.Should I make my fedora drive sda then in this

Anyone else done this and have ideas?


Not sure about Vista, but in the past this was done by:

Install Windows A on primary disk
Switch primary disk in BIOS
Install Windows B to new primary disk
Switch BIOS back and install Fedora -- it will find them all

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