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Re: digital camera Q

On 28/10/06, Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au> wrote:

I don't think that's the basis.  When I look at ye olde measurements,
there's one thing that I do notice, the unit sizes are convenient sizes
to measure things in.  The inch is not too big, not too small, quite a
good base unit for measuring something in.  Likewise, with the foot, and
being reasonably good at estimating the size of things bigger than a
foot.  A yard, as the next size up, is a convenient length to measure
certain things with.

I've never tried measuring anything but a CRT monitor in inch, so I
don't know about eyeball measurements. But I'd only buy that arguement
if the ordering were consistent, ie 12 inches to a foot, 12 feet to a
yard, 12 yards to a mile... What have you between the yard and mile,

Dotan Cohen


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