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xfs filesystem issues in Fedora Core 6?

Hi people,

has anyone attemted an install with xfs in FC6?

I attempted two installs using XFS today, and both failed. I tried on two
different hard disks just incase one had some issues, but both drives
behaved in the same manner.

In both cases the install completed without error. However, upon
rebooting, the console was flooded with I/O error messages indicating that
reads were failing. Also I could not log in as it seemed so many library
files were missing.

I later did an install using ext3 as the file system and the system booted
without issue. In fact this email is being typed on FC6.

It would seem xfs is working in the installer kernels, but not the
packaged kernels.

The kernel is kernel-2.6.18-1.2798.fc6 and its running on a Pentium 4
2.6GHz with 1GB of ram with hyperthreading not enabled in the bios.

I guess this serves me right for not testing the beta...



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