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Re: Xen guest question

> Or to ask the question another way: If I installed FC6
> on a separate partition to dual boot it, or installed it as
> a guest OS, would they both use the exact same kernel rpm?

Under FC5 there were two kernels, one for the guest and one for the host.
The host OS would do the hardware nitty gritty and the guest would talk to
a simplified layer presented by the host (greatly simplifying any system
calls having to do with hardware).

Under FC6 these have been glued into one kernel which (I'm guessing) has
both versions of these system calls compiled in and automatically detects
which environment it's running on.

I believe it goes into this a bit in the release notes - which might be
available from redhat.com again by now, or are on the FC6 media when it
finishes torrenting for you.

> Would the answers to this question be the same for other
> linux distros (as long as they have a new enough kernel)?

Erm, Pass. Probably best to have a look at the xen docs for whatever other
distro you're thinking of running.

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