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Re: FC5 -> FC6 my experience

Ian Malone wrote:

Ah, sorry, I meant SELinux breaks so many things and
relabelling never fixed for me the things that broke.

Updating the policy and relabelling have solved almost everything for me in recent times.

I get away with running SELinux by manually doing
chcon on the things that break.  I've gone through
several yum updates now without further problems,
although I have no idea whether that's because things
were fixed or my manual adjustments are still in

It is an extra layer of crap to deal with, but as I say one only notices the upfront pain and not the advantages it can bring. FWIW people that are not exposing services to the Internet on their box are nowadays least likely to do something to make them notice SELinux anyway, and if their box really fits that description they have a UI to turn it off. But if you plan to run any boxes on the internet it is better to get used to it, as you seem to have decided yourself.


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