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Re: are you using Fedora in a production environment?


Max Spevack írta:
Are you using Fedora in a production or live enviornment? Are you using large deployments of Fedora, in some sort of "critical" capacity? Do you know someone who is, and will you forward this email to them?

I am.

If you are, I want to hear all about it. I'm trying to gather data for some Fedora myth-busting exercises, and also to inform some of our decision making for Fedora 7.

What's your setup like?

I am using it for an POS/backoffice software that
I wrote some years ago that was deployed on
RedHat 7.3. It is maintained also by me since that time.
(E.g. it was ported to using UTF-8 when RH8/RH9 came)

What is it about Fedora that made you choose to use it, as opposed to something else?

Mostly the comfort. As I knew and worked with RedHat
before, it was a no-brainer.

What works well for you?

I mainly care about a working PostgreSQL server and
the GNOME environment and it served well.
The PostgreSQL is performing well for the
sub-100 millisec serial protocols of the POSes
as it provides less than 2 millisec response times
even on a loaded machine.

What could be better?

I don't recall anything that wasn't solvable.

etc, etc.  Anything you care to share with me.

Reply on-list, reply to me directly, whatever works best for you.


Best regards,
Zoltán Böszörményi

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